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Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

As a woman of color, I bought into the belief from a young age that I started at a deficit. It didn’t help that statistics showed women made less money for every dollar our male counterparts made—and women of color make even less. My family taught me that I had to work hard to make money, and my life experiences reflect that.
This is a limiting belief that most women and people of color are born into and carry throughout their life. Even though I had a strong work ethic, integrity, and excelled in all of my positions, I still felt that I was coming in from behind while working harder than most. This mindset is exhausting and does not have to be one that we choose. So how can we shift out of this state?
Once I began investing in my personal growth and development, I started to see how my mindset informed everything I experienced. That there was another way. I saw that I was more than society’s labels or my self-imposed image, and understood how my outer reality was a reflection of my inner experiences. When I began to consciously shift how I thought and felt about things, my experiences began to change. I didn’t feel like I was being held back by being a woman of color. I was achieving almost every goal that I had set and was experiencing a life beyond my dreams.
After experiencing this shift for myself, I began incorporating these processes from my own personal growth and learning into my small business coaching practice. And my clients were seeing accelerated results. Providing professional coaching from a holistic point of view—taking into account mental, physical, spiritual, and cultural roadblocks—has been most effective for myself and for my clients. By shifting your mindset and changing the way you approach the world, you’ll experience success as well as fulfillment.
What’s the point of having the big house, the dream car, ideal relationship, or big bank account if you aren’t present or happy enough to enjoy it? After all, you can’t change the world, but you can certainly change how you go about existing in it.
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