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I just returned from the grocery store where I scanned magazine covers and caught up on all the celebrity news while I waited in line. According to the magazine covers, another celebrity relationship has ended due to drug use, poor body image, insecurity and aging.
Oh, my. What a shame. What a big surprise.

I wondered what aging had to do with these relationships. Further examination of the magazine cover revealed that the actress having all these relationship problems is afraid of growing old.

She’s 49. She’s going to turn 50 this year. She thinks that’s too old, the end of the line, the big finale. So she’s been partying with her teenage daughter, not eating, and worrying about her much younger lover/husband/whatever he is and the possibility that he could be cheating on her with a younger woman. The magazine cover said she has been using drugs and alcohol to excess. Bless her heart. What terrible problems she has. Too bad she doesn’t know the Secret of Life.

Obviously the secret is not money. This woman has plenty of it. It’s not a pretty face or a beautiful body. This woman has both. Or at least she used to before she stopped eating and got so skinny. She has cars and houses and healthy children. She has good teeth. She has health insurance. She can afford to buy all types of anti-aging products, including good health care, Botox and the service of personal trainers. She has time to exercise. She can pay big bucks for a good haircut and trendy clothing. She has fame. She has fortune.

She also, reportedly, has a big problem with anxiety. And she’s afraid of aging. She’s afraid of growing old. She’s afraid of losing her youth. So, basically, she’s just afraid of life. Because if you live long enough you will grow old. And that is a fact.

I’m not being too critical of this woman. I see she has some problems and I’m sympathetic. I’m just really glad that I’m not her.
I am thankful every day that I grow older. It is a privilege to grow old. Not everyone is that lucky. Only one heartbeat separates us from death.

In “The Secret of Life”, James Taylor sings about aging. He sings “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” In another line, he sings, “Any fool can do it.”

I’m just foolish enough to want to grow older. I’m enjoying the passage of time.
Age gracefully. Age gratefully. Be glad for the privilege.

Watch James Taylor YouTube Video by choosing this link:
Secret of Life by James Taylor

Post by: Peggy Browning

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