About Our Editors

Upside of 50 grew out of a collaboration between Ann Voorhees Baker – a writer, editor, and web developer, and Dianne Morris – publisher of the original online magazine for women over 50, ZestNow, and creator of the popular home products line, Bay Linens, Inc. The two met at the original Women At Woodstock retreat, which Ann has produced since 2012. Out of their friendship grew a working relationship which resulted in the refashioning of ZestNow into Upside of 50, and the incorporation of Upside into Ann’s portfolio of websites housed under the annvbaker.com domain.

Ann Voorhees BakerAnn Voorhees Baker is Editor in Chief of Upside of 50, and oversees the overall operation of the online magazine and its content, and she acts as webmaster and advertising supervisor. She writes often in the Upside magazine about women in community and the pursuit of personal dreams.



Dianne Morris Dianne Morris is Executive Editor of Upside of 50, and supervises our contributing writers and manages the editorial scheduling. She writes frequent articles in the Upside magazine about fashion trends and health issues.


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