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A How-To for Husbands: Woo Your Wife on Her Birthday

* Ladies: Feel free to share this article with the man in your life as a “subtle hint.”

Just because you’re married (maybe with grown children) doesn’t mean the romance has to take the backseat. For all you married fellows out there looking to woo your wife, this guide is going to help you re-inject some passion and romance into your relationship during her birthday this year.

Fun Surprises for Her Special Day

A bunch of small surprises can be just as, if not more, impactful than a large birthday present. Turn her birthday into a birthday week celebration, with a fresh new surprise each and every day. The next, take her to a karaoke bar and sacrifice a bit of embarrassment to serenade her with her favorite love song—or better yet, your wedding song. Inexpensive and thoughtful, surprises like these will be her most cherished memories. Surprise her at work with a birthday bouquet and gourmet pairings of delicacies like cheese and fruit for an upscale surprise that will have her jaw dropping.

Take Over All Household Duties

Your wife does a lot for you and your family, so make sure you give her the relaxing break she deserves on her birthday. Take over all her duties for the week—it might be an eye opening experience to just how much she handles on a regular basis. From making lunches to cleaning the bathrooms, leave no stone unturned and encourage her to spend her free time with her feet up. Draw her a bath and set out her favorite book if she needs enticing. You can also delegate any of these chores out to your kids to make this birthday gift truly a family affair. If you’re constantly on the go, hire a cleaning service to come in and do the trick.

Become Her Personal Chef

Guys aren’t the only ones who can be wooed by a delicious meal. If you’ve got any sort of culinary talent, you’ll need to prepare the most decadent dish you can handle and make it a birthday dinner to remember. Prepare her favorite meal, or stick to a theme that will really get the romance going—aphrodisiac items. From oysters to red wine, chocolate cake to spicy chili peppers, there are a bevy of food items reported to up the romance ante. Even if the foods don’t have their purported magical mood-setting powers, you two will definitely have a laugh over the hodge-podge of items on display and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Turn Her Present into an Adventure

Instead of just handing over a hastily wrapped gift, put some effort into the unwrapping this year by planning a birthday scavenger hunt. If you’re still in the city where you first meet and started dating, use places that are meaningful to your relationship. Maybe one clue is at the restaurant where you had your first date, the next is at the park bench where you had your first kiss, and so on. Accompany her so you can help out if she gets stumped on any of the clues, and hide your final gift strategically back at the house or book a hotel room to serve as the surprise. She will be blown away by the effort you put into making her gift wonderful, and most definitely feel cherished.

The Pampering Essentials

She deserves to be pampered like the queen she is, so make sure she has all the pampering essentials ready to go for her birthday. If you’ve got the money to splurge, book her an appointment at a local spa for a massage that will ebb all the tension from her body, a facial to make her feel refreshed, and any other offering you think she’ll enjoy. If the spa is a little out of your comfort zone, enlist the help of her best friend to come up with treatments she knows she would enjoy. If a spa day is a little over budget, bring the spa home to her. Grab some massage oils and become her personal masseuse for the evening, light some candles, and treat her to decadence right in the comfort of her own home.

Who said chivalry was dead? Prove the naysayers wrong and up your romance game with your wife on her birthday this year.

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