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Research shows a link between pets and happiness, with health too. Pets can lower blood pressure, decrease stress, lower cholesterol levels, even increase survival rates for those with cardiac problems. And of course, they’re great company.

Many programs now connect people with senior pets. Although kittens and puppies are cute, they aren’t necessarily a great choice. Not only can adopting a senior animal save it’s life, but the pet can be a better fit. Mature cats and dogs are easier to handle; they usually have calmer temperaments. Many older dogs are already well trained, eliminating the need to spend large amounts of time and patience on things like housebreaking. With a young animal, you often can’t tell the pet’s size and personality until it is full-grown – fewer unwelcome surprises with a mature pet! These cats and dogs really need a loving home. Some shelters reduce or waive the adoption fee if you adopt an older pet.

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