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8 Tips to Make Sex Great Over 50, Over 70 & Beyond

As the years go by, have you caught yourself thinking that it’s okay that your love life has slowed down?

Do you feel that it’s just a natural part of life?

The truth is the many pleasures of sex can be enjoyed at any age. Sometimes there are real and serious reasons behind it, but many times it’s an easy fix, with the solution being as simple as making a few small changes.

Here are 8 ways to better sex at any age.

1. Find out if it’s medical

If you find that your daydreams of having slendor in the grass really are not translating to the real thing in the bedroom, consult your physician. This is a very common problem that your doctor has heard before. There is absolutely no shame in discussing these things, and there are a lot of treatments available for both men and women. When there is help available, don’t let your passions pass you by.

2. Slow down

Never see sex as an obligation or something you have to do because people say it’s good for your relationship. Life is full of chores. Sex isn’t one of them. Take a step back and think about why it is that you’ve loved having sex. Take your time, make it last and enjoy it and each other. As we age, going at a slower pace and savoring the experience can bring out a deeper enjoyment. Foreplay is essential in getting things really hot because it stimulates both partners’ sexuality and increases emotional intimacy.

3. Be honest

Be honest and tell each other what you like, what works and what doesn’t. Discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing and talk about how you can get through them. Take things to places you’ve never been with new positions or techniques you want to try. The sexual journey always has new surprises and experiences, no matter your age. If sex is the issue, make sure your partner knows.

4. Surprise your partner

A thriving sexual relationship means keeping it new and exciting. It shouldn’t be a routine. Become the author of your own, real-life, steamy romance novel. Be whoever you want and try anything new that you want. Let your imagination be your limit, then push the limits further!

5. Try a different location

Sex isn’t just for the bedroom. Find other places in your house/apartment to have sex. How about the car or the backyard? Maybe the kitchen counter? Or next to the fireplace in the study? Get creative and try different places. Remember to vary the time of day you have sex, too.

6. Take care of the other stuff

The stress of life can start spilling over into the bedroom and take a toll. Retirement? Mortgage? Kid’s? Mortgage? Your grandson just got his license and needs a car!?!

It can seem like all that is more than enough, so who can think about making love? You have to take care of those things, but then you have to put the hassles into their own box and not let them destroy the passion in your life. Manage your life effectively so you can truly enjoy that special alone time you have with your partner.

7. Focus on the positive attributes of each other

Human nature pushes us towards negativity. Let’s face it: our bodies change as we age, but don’t love yourself any less. Also, when you’ve been together for a long time, those little molehill “quirks” can become mountainous maladies that get in the way of smooth sailing domestic bliss. This is a sexual killer because when you’re focused on what you dislike about yourself or your partner, feelings of resentment accumulate and emotional connection fades. Remember, we’re all human and no one is perfect. Focus on the positive in each other and focus on lifting each other up all the time. Your sexual experiences will thank you.

8. Imagine it ahead of time

Spend five to 10 minutes a day picturing yourself having great sex with your partner. Think about the sounds, sights, smells and how you feel during sex. Many people focus on the physical aspects of sex and ignore the fact that sex can be a mentally and emotionally stimulating experience. The more you prepare mentally, the more amazing the physical becomes.

In today’s modern world, 50 is the new 30 and 70 is the new 40. Lives still change with the passage of time, but don’t let yourself feel chained by your age. A vibrant and exciting sex life can be yours for many years to come.

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