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7 Tips For an Elegant, Natural Look

We’re so sorry to hear about Cindy’s untimely death. She was a vibrant, intelligent and warm person.who inspired so many of us. I first met her at an early Women at Woodstock retreat where she spoke to us about her pro-aging philosophy while helping us to be smarter about makeup.

She later shared several articles and events with ZestNow.com including her marriage to her love, Bruce.

She was also a successful entrepreneur with her BOOM cosmetic line.

Cindy is gone way too soon and we’ll all miss her.

Dianne Morris



Here’s one of our first articles from Cindy. It’s still good advice.

Your clothing and accessories will create the bling and elegance. Use your makeup just to add “polish” to your entire look. Your overall makeup should look moist, real, alive and fresh, rather than concealing, powdered, mask-like and heavy. Less is more. If you are over 50, more than likely you have developed more character in your face than you had when you were younger. You may have stronger features, lines and texture. Be careful not to add more texture to your skin with heavy make up. It’s best to allow yourself to be the star of the show!

Here are the tips that work especially well for women over 50.

1. You should either forgo foundation all together, or wear a thin coat of foundation over very well moisturized skin.

2. Do not use powder. Powder dulls the skin, creating dryness and texture. Skin is a live breathing organ. The more alive it looks, the more radiant you look.

3. If you want to add definition to your eyes, add a very subtle blended eyeliner to your upper lash line only, and a little mascara. That is all you need.

4. If you must fill in areas of your eyebrows where the hair may be patchy, use a pencil or powder that matches your eyebrow hair exactly. Most browns have too much red in them, which really shows up on the skin. Try a blonde, taupe or grayish brown instead. Do not make your eyebrows darker than they are naturally. It looks old-fashioned and harsh if you are over 50.

5. Do not use any eyeshadow darker than your natural skin tone to contour your eyelids. Keep the lid clean and fresh looking.

6. Using a cream based pearlescent, glimmery but not frosted, eyeshadow can add extra luster to your skin. Choose a tone that matches your skin tone and place that on your eyelids as well as your upper cheek bones, brow bone, clavicle bones, shoulders and decolletage. It will make your skin look healthy and delicious.

7. And most importantly, add a delicate touch of believable color (blends well with your skin tone). Choose a color that you really become when you are blushing from a good workout or make out. Place it where you naturally blush when your circulation is revved up:  upper forehead, throat or sides of neck, center of your chest, lips, cheeks, corner of brow bones.

by Cindy Joseph

View Cindy’s makeup and skincare line at: www.boombycindyjoseph.com

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    Sarah Holliday

    I placed an order and was immediately shown “Hurry take this offer” advertising and received no order number. This concerns me. I gave you my credit card and have nothing to reassure me my ordered will process and that my information is appreciated.

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    Kim Klein

    Thank you for sharing this, Dianne – I’m so sorry to hear about Cindy – what a beautiful, inspirational woman. She will be missed.

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