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7 Steps to Best Health Past 55

  1. Flu Shot

    The normal seasonal flu can be deadly after 60. The vaccine can save you misery, even your life. It’s a myth that it can cause the flu. The virus changes every year and the vaccine is 60-90% effective. Contact your insurance company or the local health department to find free or reduced cost shots. More flu information is available at www.cdc.gov/flu. News reports indicate people over 50 may be somewhat less susceptible to the H1N1 flu, except for those with underlying conditions or weakness. Be sure to check with your doctor about H1N1.

  2. Colonoscopy

    Regular colonoscopy prevent or find early stage colorectal cancer. This is a preventable or treatable cancer if found early. If polyps are found they can be removed during the procedure. Discomfort is greatly diminished by new procedures. Click here for more information (including free or reduced cost colonoscopy).

  3. Daily Calcium 1200 mg. and Vitamin D 800 units

    Both men and women need to strengthen their bones, avoid fractures. Take the next step: a bone density test and consult your doctor about medication. For more information visit www.nof.org.

  4. Shingles Vaccination – New!

    Shingles is very painful. If you had chicken pox as a child, the virus never leaves your body. In later life it can cause shingles. Now there is a new vaccine that can help prevent the disease. Many insurance plans cover it for those 60 or over. Click here for more information from the CDC.

  5. Physical Activity

    Skating, hiking, bowling, long walks, yoga, pilates, weights. You need exercises to make you stronger,to improve your endurance, balance and to maintain cardiovascular health. Click here for more information.

  6. Eye Test

    Preserve your sight. Catch and treat glaucoma and cataracts early so you can treat them before they’re significant.

  7. Tooth Care

    Brush your teeth, floss, see a dentist. Dental problems cause pain and poor nutrition. Now we know they also cause damage to the heart.

One more thing .….


The studies are inconclusive so far, but it’s probably a good idea.

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