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7 Steps for Your Sexual Journey After Menopause

Life’s challenges are inevitable!

As a woman, the stakes are perhaps higher when you have to deal with changes in your lifestyle, especially sexual health. The older you get, the more challenges you have to face about your womanliness. As you hit the almighty menopause, some characteristics about your body relations to sexual desire reared their heads, making life somehow unusual.

Sometimes, these have been counted as myths. While on the other hand, they are unavoidable. The question remains;

Does menopause need to affect your sex life at all?

It has been long-established that women enjoy sex less when they grow older. Experts have related causes of this. From low libido, to dry vagina, the causes have also been linked to women not comfortable with their bodies as they age. Common sense advises from expert menopause therapists are all you need.

On the other hand, some women have confirmed that they enjoy sex better after their menopause. Many factors have been attributed to this change. While some attributed them to how frequently a woman has sex when she is younger, others related it to having no longer to worry about getting pregnant or being disturbed by children. But, how do you change your lifestyle and… Start enjoying sex after menopause?

1. Have sex more often.

Yes, frequent vagina penetration maintains elasticity and lubrication. You might have noticed it takes longer for you to get wet even when you’re aroused sexually. What about feelings of pain and sore during intercourse? You don’t have to endure painful penetrations.

Practice different foreplays in addition to sexual lubricant. Tell your partner to spend a little more time touching responsive and exciting parts of your body. This will step you up and applying lubricant makes a wonderful addition to the foreplay. There are varieties of lubricants or water-based sexual lubricant for older women.

2. Keep close and connected.

Do find pleasure in your companionship together and deal with any problems that might arise. Keeping the house and children brings about fatigue in some women. Sometimes a prescription like anti-depressants can help when dealing with depression. The best practice is to talk to your doctor.

3. Find passion in yourself and your partner.

As you grow older, certain changes do occur like wrinkles, weight gain, and grey hairs. Naturally, you will feel uncomfortable with these changes. But manage your desire for yourself and your partner. Remember that your attraction doesn’t fade, it merely changes. Make it a point of focus to give him pleasure and also receive from him. Don special undergarment to set the mood. Be creative about how to look more attractive to your partner every day.

But are these therapies enough for your sex-life after menopause? How do you ….

Live a healthy sexual life into an old age?

These lifestyle changes will improve your sex life

4. Quit smoking.

According to the experts, it will increase the flow of blood to the sex organs.

5. Eat a balanced diet.

Maintaining a healthy weight not only prevents diabetes and heart diseases, it keeps you attractive even with your age.

6. Exercise. This improves your entire body functionality, including your sex organs.

7. Refrain from drinking too much.

Do you know that apart from enjoying sex, it has its own medical benefits? Experts have confirmed that frequent sex reduces the risks of heart attack, boosts metabolism, and immune system. Also, it will make your vagina stay lubricated, healthy, and elastic. So, have fun!

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