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7 Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid After 50

And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows – Audrey Hepburn

When we pass the age of 50, we may want to hear others tell us,  “You don’t look your age at all!” But perhaps you find that you don’t hear the compliment often. Makeup is no easy assignment. Having been in the world of cosmetics for almost three decades  I’ve learned one important rule: “less is more.” Once you step into the 50s, the rule holds truer than ever. If you have been on a loop with the same makeup routine that you’ve been using for decades, it’s time you revamp it for a more flattering look.

I have listed all the common mistakes that women tend to make after 50. Along with telling you what not to do, I have also jotted down some tips that should work for you. So grab a glass of red wine (the Proanthocyanidins can help prevent wrinkles!) and read along.

1. Too much foundation is your foe

The foundation should look like your second skin and not a mask you might be able to peel off. While foundation can help even out your skin tone and hide your blemishes, too much of it tends to settle in the lines of your face, defining the creases even more. Do not take a dollop of it. Instead, take a bead-sized amount and mix it with the day cream you use or, even better, mix it with some aloe gel for the perfect consistency. The cream will smooth the foundation out on your skin and help you combat dryness. Try out these foundation-and-cream mixes to smooth your skin out and get a satiny skin tone.

Pro Tip: Keep a face mist handy to spray all over your face to plump up your skin if your foundation feels too parching. You can even make your own face mist by simply mixing equal parts of rose water and aloe gel.

2. Too much concealer reveals more

I know it is difficult and yet I say this: Embrace your marks and do not go overboard trying to hide them. You may feel that a lighter shade of concealer would hide your dark circles better, but if the tone is lighter than your skin color, then you might end up looking like you’ve just come from the ski slopes with google-sized white circles around your eyes. You do not want to draw attention to this area – concealer is meant to detract attention to a flaw, not highlight it. 

Pro Tip: If you do not want the area under your eyes to look like a crêpe gone wrong, then I suggest that you use a concealer that has illuminating particles. But before that, use a frozen green tea bag on your dark circles to reduce them.

3. Add the blusher, minus the shimmer

As we step into the phase of grey hair and wrinkles, the bloom of youth washes off. Our skin pales out due to reduced blood flow. But there isn’t anything a little puff of blusher cannot help. If you want to look less washed out and more vibrant, then you need to buy a blusher right now. 

Pro Tip: Skip using a lot of shimmer on your already pallid skin. Irrespective of whether you are 25 or 50, the shimmer isn’t recommended at all. This is the age of a natural makeup look. 

4. Dark lipstick is a big NO!

Do not get me wrong! I am not so shallow as to tell you that dark lipstick looks chic on 20-somethings and bad on women in their 50s. But it is a basic scientific fact that as we age, our teeth enamel wears out. However much we try, our teeth tend to pick up yellow. Wearing dark lipstick makes them look even more yellow. Unless you have pearly white teeth, rule out dark shades. Also, dark lipstick makes your mouth look puckered, thus making you look older. Try out lighter, more natural shades instead.

Pro Tip: Replace your lipsticks in wines and burgundies with peaches and pinks. Even better, replace your lipstick with a lip gloss. And if you are too much in love with your browns, then use a lip pencil of the same color to make your lip-line well-defined. And no dark eyes and dark lips together, please.

5. No lip color is worse

Along with the flush in our cheeks, we also lose the color in our lips, making us look almost anemic. Your bare and blanched lips can make all your makeup efforts go down the drain. And although I know that nude shades are in, I recommend you stay away from them. If you are not a big fan of lip colors, then I would suggest that you opt for a peachy-pink or a raspberry chap-stick instead. This would lend your lips some color and give the impression of blood pumping through them, making you look younger and healthier.

Pro Tip: If you have thinner lips, then you can use a neutral lip liner to add some lush to your lips. Lining your mouth will help you define your lips and make them look plumper. But do not go over the top by lining outside your actual lips. 

6. Wrong eye makeup is a killer

Remember: your eyes are the centerpiece in the drawing room. They are the focal point of your face and can distract someone from noticing your wrinkles and blemishes. You need to be careful with the eye make-up. The goth-chic look isn’t for us, and we need to accept it. Do not line your lower eyelashes with mascara and eyeliner. By 50, expression lines start to show on our eyelids. I suggest that you ditch the black liner and settle for a grey or a blue liner. When it comes to eye shadows, you can use golden tones if you have brown or hazel eyes. For blue eyes, try teal-grey and copper shades.

Pro Tip: I know that lid liners have lasting power, but they can be harsh on your skin. So, use a softer kohl pencil. Also, avoid lining the water line and the inside of your eyes, which makes your eyes appear smaller.

7. Powdering the nose is very 90s

Unless you want to travel back to the 90s, you must stop powdering your nose. Powder clogs your pores and makes the lines and wrinkles even more prominent. Repeated applications can dry out your already pale skin. So, do not puff talc on your face.

Pro Tip: Invest in a good setting spray or a fixing powder. They are more sheer and translucent and do not make your face look caked. 

With the revolutionary makeup products available today, there is no flaw that you cannot minimize. But not every product is a fit for you. The right makeup can make heads turn, but mistakes like the ones discussed above can draw unwanted attention to your lines and spots. It’s high time you let go of your age-old makeup habits. Start taking the right steps TODAY and continue to rule the world like you always used to. In the end, remember that you are more than your fine lines and dark circles. And nobody can take that away from you.

Shine on you crazy diamond!

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