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6 Reasons Why Climbing Stairs is a Great Exercise

Many women are complaining about having no time for exercise because of their very busy schedule. But there are exercises that can be included in your busy schedule. One of which is simply climbing the stairs. This is something that we do not really consider nowadays because it is easier to go to the next level of the building using the elevator. Walking is helpful to the body. It is a simple exercise that allows you to sweat and also make your body active. So instead of driving your car to the nearest convenience store in a cool weekend, why not go for a walk and try to appreciate the things that you usually miss out during busy days? Instead of taking the elevator in the morning, you can start a habit of climbing the stairs and you will surely get these benefits:

1. Builds Bones and Muscle Energy

There is a difference between walking on flat land and climbing stairs. The latter would require a greater amount of energy since you need to add more pressure to your muscles. This is why it is one of the simplest and yet one of the most effective ways on how you can build bones and increases your muscle energy without going to the gym. Your muscles and bones need more pressure for them to function better. Exercise will help you with this. But if you have a very busy schedule, just try this very simple trick and you will definitely see a difference in how you move in the coming days.

2. Aids Weight Loss

If you are always consciously checking on your weight and yet you cannot find time to go to the gym, you can consider climbing the stairs. Studies show walking can be very helpful in a weight loss program. Stair climbing is even more effective because it can help you lose fat around your belly. If you are going to do this regularly, you will certainly help increase the good cholesterol in your body and lessen unwanted fats. Climbing stairs are especially recommended for people who are not into rigid trainings. Unlike for athletes who are constantly in training to maintain their body, ordinary people should make their regular habits more productive and helpful in losing weight.

3. Maximizes Your Cardio Efforts

In choosing your exercises, you need to know the effect on your body. Cardio exercises are meant to lessen unwanted fats in the body and to lose weight. Activities such as running and biking are focused on cutting fats. However, there are moments when you cannot look for a perfect schedule for these activities. With this, you can consider climbing the stairs. Healthcare practitioners would recommend that you should get into other activities such as brisk walking or stair climbing to maximize your cardio effort.

4. Low Impact Workout

What are your goals in exercising? Do you want to be a regular athlete or do you simply want to maintain your weight? Knowing your purpose in engaging in different activities is crucial in knowing the exercise that you will be included in your daily routine. For people who are not really interested in rigid training, low impact workout is something that you can consider. Stair climbing is a not as intense as biking because it only takes minutes of your time, but it can contribute positive changes to your body.

5. Relieves Pressure

There are times when the muscles feel pain because of different reasons. For some, the weight of the body is no longer in proportion to the height. This is a serious condition where the person would feel like he can no longer carry his body and cannot even go for a short jog. For others, pressure is caused by the type of job they have. If you are just sitting in front of your computer the whole day, you will really feel that pain in your leg. If you want to get rid of the annoying pain and feeling of discomfort, you can go for stair climbing once in a while. This way, you can stretch those muscles on your legs.

6. Fits in With Busy Lifestyle

The main point of this simple exercise is for you to stay fit even in your very hectic schedule. Most of us cannot even allot an hour for exercise because of the piling on deadlines and other responsibilities that are always on our way. With this, stair climbing can be an alternative for you to stay mobile even with all those tasks that you need to accomplish.

Always make it a habit to do things that will be physically rewarding because your health is always more important than the money you are earning. Always put exercise as a priority and make ways for you to include a simple stair climbing activity in your daily routine.

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