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5 Ways to Be Wise in Love

Every little boy wants a princess, but every grown man really wants a woman with a queen’s heart. Having a queen’s heart is an inner status which transcends into an outer experience. In this article we’re going to look at five of some of the wise and loving attributes of a queen’s heart, and how and why these qualities will contribute to your being a wonderful asset to your man as you share your heart with him.

1) The Loving Wisdom of: Patience

A patient heart is a wise heart. Patience is the ability to accept or tolerate delays, sufferings, or problems without getting annoyed or anxious. You’re not always going to like or appreciate everything your partner does; the way he reacts to things, his lack of reactions to things, the way he plans certain things, or his lack of planning concerning certain things. When these times arise, don’t be eager to attempt to control your man’s mind while being slightly angry or irritated. Instead, tolerate him… Be patient with him in your listening and with your understanding – even when you dislike what he’s saying.

I’ll share with you a great piece of advice that a wise man who’s been married for over forty years shared with me, “Sometimes you just have to let your man fail”. Now he never said that you ‘want’, ‘make’, or ‘cause’ your man to fail. He said, “Let him fail”. As a wise woman, you have to patiently assist your man with his plans, decisions and even his failures – even when you don’t fully like them, because the truth of the matter is: your patience is his crutch – his support.

…To be patient with your partner is to share with him the wisdom of your heart.

2) The Loving Wisdom of: Kindness

A kind heart is a beautiful heart. To have a heart which is filled with kindness is like having a garden which is filled with beautifully bloomed roses. Nobody wants an empty garden with nothing but dry withered grass, but this is what a heart without kindness looks like. If you want to have a beautifully arrayed garden within your heart, then fill it with the roses of kindness. Kindness is moral virtuous goodness. It’s a pleasant gentleness. To attain kindness is to attain the value of moral excellence; doing what is right and good at all times.

Your man needs your moral excellence; he needs your virtue to help him to do what is good when he’s struggling to do the right thing in order to accomplish a beautiful thing.

…To be kind to your partner is to share with him the beauty of your heart.

3) The Loving Wisdom of: Gentleness

A gentle heart is a warm heart. Gentleness is the mildness of one’s disposition. Gentleness is a combination of both humility and meekness; this is the quietness of one’s power and strength. To function and operate with a heart of gentleness is to say that you prefer to demonstrate the subtlety of your strength rather than the harshness of it. A gentle heart is a heart that feels a need for another heart.

Winter produces the harshest and coldest weather out of the four seasons’, and in that season, everyone just wants to find some form of warmth. Gentleness is such a source of comfort to any soul which is experiencing any form of harshness in the hustle, bustle and coldness of life. A gentle heart is the equivalent to having a warm comforter on a very cold winter’s night, or a warm fireplace in a cold house. Gentleness is most valued in the harshest of times.

Your decision to be gentle with your man will be the provision of his warmth, in what can be, a very cold world.

…To be gentle with your partner is to share with him the warmth of your heart.

4) The Loving Wisdom of: Faithfulness

A faithful heart is a treasured heart. The importance and usefulness of faithfulness are so preciously prized and valued to the point where is surpasses monetary worth.

To be faithful to your man is to honour him; to hold him with the highest respect. Every man needs to be esteemed; to be elevated to his highest position mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You see, you cannot be faithful and yet not be honourable both at the same time. Why? Well, because honour is a counterpart to faithfulness. If you want to give your man his highest need in life, then honour him with your faithfulness.

Another attribute of faithfulness is to have a heart and mindset which posses the quality of knowing and also doing what is right; avoiding at any cost any opportunity to be dishonest.

As a queen, always remain steadfast in your loyalty and honesty to your man; showing and giving him constant support, commitment and dedication into the building up of his dreams, goals, plans and even your relationship .Finding a faithful heart in anyone these days is like finding a shining gold billion bar in a mountain heap of black charcoal… Be that shining gold billion bar.

…To be faithful to your partner is to share with him the honourable treasure of your heart.

5) The Loving Wisdom of: Peace

A peaceful heart is a harmonious heart. Peace is a presence which creates an atmosphere for a person to be in a state of internally rest.

Peace is musical; peace is music. Music in its truest form is such an excellent thing. It is the creation of sounds combined in such a way as to produce the beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Peace is harmonious; it causes things to function properly, together. That which is harmonious is pleasing, tuneful, and consistently whole. Peace is like a beautiful symphony. It brings the elements of tranquillity, quietness and stillness all together to help bring one into a state of inner rest. Peace is free from discordant; it is not harsh or jarring.

When your man is surrounded by the loudness and the harshness of the discordant of life, he may not voice it out, but what he needs, is for the melody of your peace to be the melody of your relationship. He needs one of the remedies for his rest to be the soothing, tuneful and melodious sounds of the inner peace of your heart. If you devote your heart to peace then you’ll be devoting your heart to excellence, because peace brings everything together excellently… Be at peace with yourself, be at peace with him, be one with him, and be harmonious with him at all times.

…To be peaceful with your partner is to share with him the harmonious melodies of your heart.

These are just a few of the loving wise attributes of a queen’s heart. You can get more knowledge, understanding and wisdom on how to attain a loving and wise heart for yourself and for your partner in my book, “Love & Wisdom”.


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