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5 Tips to Transform Your Bedroom with the Art of Feng Shui

A slight shift in positions can bring much better energy your bedroom. Feng Shui translates to “wind and water” and embraces the ancient Chinese art of placement to achieve chi, which is a life force that brings everything from harmony to wealth to a home.

Hong Kong’s Disneyland shifted its front gate by 12 degrees at the recommendation of a feng shui master, states The New York Times. The thought was the slight shift would bring more abundance and prosperity to the park. Feng shui translates to “wind and water” and embraces the ancient Chinese art of placement to achieve chi, which is a life force that brings everything from harmony to wealth to a home—or in Hong Kong’s case, an amusement park.

Using feng shui isn’t difficult and it can help transform any room in your home. Start with your bedroom to work towards tranquility, a good night’s rest or romance. Incorporate these simple organizing and décor tips to achieve the ultimate chi.

1. Reposition Your Bed

Start your feng shui journey with the most important part of your bedroom—your bed. It should be as far away as possible from the door, but still within sight of your entryway. The idea is that you want to feel safe and being able to see the door is the foundation of that comfort. It’s best to angle the bed somewhat diagonally and to not have the foot of the bed at the door because traditional Chinese culture calls this position the “Death Position” since the deceased are carried from their bedrooms feet first.

If you have a choice, keep your bed away from windows that can drain your energy. A quality, solid headboard made from wood is thought to offer additional support behind your head. And, if you have a significant other or are interested in intimacy, you should decorate with rich pinks and reds to increase the romance in your life. Otherwise, earth tones like copper and cocoa will offer an inviting touch to your room.

2. Clean out Your Closet

It’s tempting to shove your unwanted things in a closet and shut the door. But, those forgotten and hidden items could be draining the energy from your bedroom. Consider the clutter in your closet to be a burden that must be cleared to gain relief. Many items are tucked away on hangers and shelves that you hang onto out of guilt because they were given as a gift or represent a stressful time in your life. However, once you clean out and organize the clutter, the lurking energy is released and free to revitalize your room. Take your bedroom organization a step further and think before you buy. Only purchase items that make you feel good about yourself and are excited to see.

3. Use Drapes and Blinds

Bedroom windows that let in the sunny outdoors may only need light curtains or easy-to-raise blinds to bring energy into your room. On the other hand, windows directly opposite from a door can suck the energy right out of it, so you want to choose curtains that soften the effect. You also might want to add a clear crystal to reflect energy away from any unsightly obstructions like an old car or a brick wall. Additionally, wooden blinds can add an earthy tone and effect. They also can be used as a makeshift wall and help offer the support your head and body need for a good night’s rest.

4. Add More Life

Surround yourself with lush green plants and flowers to add more life to your home. Indoor plants also can help improve the air quality in your home and rejuvenate your health and overall productivity. To get started,add a few stalks of bamboo in a vase on your nightstand. Avoid flowers with sharp needles or edges, and look for plants with rounded leaves because they offer a softer energy.

Fung Shui often encourages the use of water and fish. However, skip the fish tank when looking to add more life to your bedroom. Instead, move this tank with colorful fish to wealth centers like your home office or work areas so that it can attract abundance. Reserve your bedroom for tranquility and comfort.

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