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5 Tips to Refresh and Revive Your Energy

Let’s be sure to give time to our mental health as we begin a new season.

Are you sometimes feeling a little overwhelmed or unfocused? The special demands and issues that arise after 50 often contribute to that feeling.

You may have changes in your family life – children leaving home or coming back home,divorce or relationship stresses or financial problems. Your work life may also be changing at this point. Health issues can tribute to feeling overwhelmed. Staying mentally healthy is the important basis for dealing well with our lives.

Here are my top tips on how to re-group your psyche and stay mentally healthy.

1) Focus on Getting Enough Sleep

The ultimate step in becoming rejuvenated is to get more sleep. Having enough sleep can

help your search for emotional well-being, weight loss, as well as revving your immune system and even keeping your heart in check!

2) Learn to Take Time Off

Just take off. It’s as simple as that! Take the day off and do what you want. Have that mental health day. Stay home, take yoga, get a facial or whatever you can to help “clear your head “and rejuvenate yourself. If you are able, go on vacation. Whatever you do, try to keep the situation that you are in as stress-free as possible. In other words, don’t allow drama to creep in.

3) Disconnect From Devices

Literally shut off your phone and computer!

Getting rid of any distractions is a great way to rejuvenate yourself. You will be able to have some quality time without any disturbances from anyone around you. You can check your messages during this turn-off period, but ONLY call those back that are true emergencies!

4) Back Away

If you aren’t lucky enough to take a day or two off, just take a break. When you find yourself in a stressful situation or you just can’t concentrate, take a walk around the block to clear your thoughts. By removing yourself from the situation or just being out and /or alone, you will be able to easily refocus and rework your situation from a new prospective.

5) Breath Deeply

Breathing is what we do to live and it’s the easiest way to calm us down in any situation. Just stay still and slowly breathe in the positive and breathe out the negative thoughts. Visualize the actual process of breathing in good and breathing out bad while thinking about a situation that you love, such as being on a beach or walking through a beautiful garden, etc.

This simple breathing exercise will clear your mind and help you to become calmer and/or refocused within minutes.

by: Andrea Warshaw Wernick

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