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5 Tips to Kick Your Sugar Habit

Sugar is a big problem and it’s not just because of concerns about weight gain.

Modern diets rely heavily on processed foods which often contain high volumes of sugar. Tomato ketchup, for example, contains approximately one teaspoon of sugar per every 15mls, and some cereals contain three teaspoons per 30g serving.

High blood sugar can be caused by a number of factors including frequent snacking on processed foods and drinks, sugar cravings or hunger pangs between meals, over-eating refined foods, even regular dieting and weight gain.

One in three of us has high blood sugar and is at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Our sugar intake continues to hit the headlines, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently announcing new guidelines for the intake of free sugars in a bid to curb the sugar crisis.

Despite this, new research from preventative nutrition experts Pharma Nord has revealed that just one in ten people is worried about developing diabetes and one third of us don’t know what their blood sugar level is.

Here’s how to beat your sugar cravings.

1. Eat regularly – Don’t miss meals

Missing meals or eating refined foods can play havoc with blood glucose making you feel hungrier and more likely to stray towards sugary snacks. Three balanced, wholesome meals can prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping.

2. Don’t start the day with sugar

Breakfasts containing high starch and added sugar will only lead to cravings later in the day. Eggs, healthy fats and whole grains can help you feel fuller for longer, with slow-release energy.

3. Eat fruit, not fruit juice

Smoothies and juices shred or remove the fibre from fruit completely, exposing us to high levels of fructose, which raises blood sugar. Stick to fresh fruit for your five a day.

4. Take a Chromium supplement

Chromium works with insulin to maintain healthy circulating levels of glucose in the blood stream. It is a mineral found in natural foods but is in short supply in the modern diets. It is also depleted from food during cooking processes. Chromium supplements can help to reduce sugar cravings and convert fat, carbohydrates and protein into energy, making them good for weight loss.

5. Add Exercise

Exercise improves your insulin sensitivity, which helps control blood sugar levels. Exercise is also a good distraction, taking your mind off sugary treats!

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