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5 Steps to Make Your Exercise Resolution a Reality

One of the most difficult goals to achieve, after making the decision that you’re finally going to start working out, is getting yourself to the gym. How do you find that motivation to start training?

Luckily there are a few tricks to help you succeed:

1. Make a Public Commitment.

Make the fitness resolution and tell all your friends about your goals. Then find some cool workout gear.

2. Schedule a workout date that you must honor.

Find either a friend or a trainer who will expect you to show up at the gym at a certain time of a certain day. Start with just one date if that works for you. It isn’t important to plan ahead and cause unnecessary anxiety. Plan the next date at the end of the first session.

3. Make the first session a short one.

Avoid becoming exhausted on your first appointment – 30 minutes to an hour maximum. In the beginning, move slowly and with awareness. You don’t want to spend all your time recovering physically and/or mentally between sessions.

4. Give yourself permission to say NO.

Discuss ahead of time which activities you like and which things you simply will not do. It is OK to say NO to things you are just not comfortable doing! Enjoying how you move in the gym will make you want to return for more.

5. Take breaks between activities.

Breathe, stretch, space-out, drink water, and chat for a few minutes before jumping into the next activity. Bouncing from one thing to the next won’t make the workout go faster and won’t give you a more successful session, but will physically and mentally wear you down. Over time you will find what is the best pace for you. On some days you may find you want a more vigorous, fast-paced workout – but wait for that to happen naturally.

Finding motivation to train is really all about personal comfort. You will return to the gym if your first experience is a positive one. Test out the 5 tricks above and you may find yourself wanting to get to the gym so often that making a New Year Resolution will become obsolete.

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