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5 Health Tips To Make You Better in Bed

It’s no secret that sex makes us happier, healthier and feel closer to our partners. But that doesn’t mean that we are all reaching our fullest potential. If you’ve experienced decreased libido, low energy, or another factor that’s getting in the way of a having a fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner, we have a few tips that may help!

Check out these five health tweaks that’ll make you better in bed:

Consistent Exercise

A consistent exercise routine will not only make sex more enjoyable, but will also accomplish the following things. Exercising releases endorphins, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, and can help combat depression, as well as countless other benefits. The great thing about exercise is that it does not have to take up a lot of your time. Try a new dance fitness DVD, like Bombay Jam. It’s only an hour long workout, and you can dance to Bollywood and Top 40 mash ups alongside your partner to make the exercise a fun, shared experience!

Take it Easy on the Alcohol

There’s nothing like a crisp beer or a perfectly crafted cocktail. Alcohol in moderation is not much of a threat to sexual performance (or health in general). The CDC defines moderate drinking as one drink a day for women, two for men. However, excessive alcohol use depresses the central nervous system which affects circulation, sensitivity of nerves, respiration as well as arousal and orgasm. Over-imbibing tends to have negative physical effects for both men and women across the board. So if you want to improve your experience in the bedroom, you may want to keep your drinking in check.

Get Adequate Sleep

Aside from a healthy diet, sleep might be the most important factor in having healthy sex. People suffering from sleep deprivation often report low energy, fatigue, sleepiness, and unsurprisingly, low libidos and a decreasing interest in sex. In men, poor sleep patterns are tied to lower levels of testosterone and thus, a lack of sexual drive. People suffering from sleep apnea also claim low libidos and sexual sessions. A study done by the University of Chicago found that men who had testosterone. Gotten less than five hours of sleep a night for at least a week began to experience declining level s of testosterone. Do yourself—and your partner—a favor by getting more sleep!

Practice Yoga and Mediation

Meditation is a great practice for anyone looking to achieve a sense of balance and clarity in their lives. Yoga breeds similar mental health benefits as meditation while also giving your body added flexibility and strength. It just so happens that all of these traits contribute to healthy intimacy. Studies have shown that stress is the single biggest detriment to our mental and physical health. Decreasing your stress levels will produce a happier mind and more confident decisions. Try working yoga and meditation into your routine and watch your relationship thrive as a result.

Cut Out the Smoking

While we’re all well aware of the many reasons to avoid smoking, you may not have known that one of them includes better sex and reproductive health. Not only does smoking decrease egg and sperm count, but it also can inhibit men from getting, and keeping, an erection. Other potential risks of smoking include the possibility of early menopause in women and a heightening of PMS symptoms. But if these reasons aren’t enough to get you to lay off the tobacco, you can stress over skin wrinkles and shortened breath—neither of which will enhance your relationship with your partner inside or outside the bedroom.

What other health tweaks have you incorporated into your sex life with positive results? We want to hear about it!

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