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Some of our health problems we tend to explain with ordinary things like fatigue, insomnia, stress or other things. But sometimes, some signals your body is giving you might mean that your body is actually suffering a bit more than you know, and it is the right time to start checking if you are okay.

Here are five symptoms, which you should rather not ignore in order to be truly healthy and happy.

1. Excessive Bleeding

Ladies, this one is for you only! Menopause is the time when the body of a woman is facing a real challenge of your body changing, which finally ends up at the end of your menstrual cycle as well. However if it does not, according to women’s health specialist Julian Schink, this situation is not normal. It may be a result of hormonal imbalance or symptom of cancer, and therefore, you must not delay your visit to a specialist and better consult a doctor.

Any menstrual disorders in women of any age should also not be overlooked. Heavy bleeding and other secretions in different than usual colors can mean a manageable infection or cancer symptoms.

2. Unexplained Weight Loss

Weight really can’t fall without any particular reason, so even if you are not under any kind of diet, or do not work out in a gym, but you are losing weight – it is a signal that something is not right. Colorectal cancer is usually associated with unexplained weight loss, so one of the first things you should check is your digestive system.

Cancer can be identified at an early stage through colonoscopy, so you can’t wait too long, and you should hurry up to check if everything is working right. Therefore, on a regular basis, especially after the age of the 50, do a few test like that as well. It is also worth mentioning that hormone imbalances, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and other health issues also affect weight, so if you still can’t find the reason you are losing weight without trying that much – check these areas too.


3. Abdominal Distension

It is normal to feel abdominal distension after eating, but if you feel that every day, go to a gynecologist. It is believed that this might be a result of ovarian cancer. One of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is feeling like your stomach is like a balloon even without eating. By the way, it is also worth remarking, that in this case, you usually don’t suffer from severe, sharp pain – rather it feels more like a discomfort, or dull pain.

4. Chronic Fatigue

If the fatigue does not go away, no matter how much coffee you drink or to try to sleep, it may be other issues you shouldn’t ignore. Fatigue is determined by a number of reasons, such as anemia, depression, thyroid and mood disorders. So, take notice, that even if every night you sleep more than 8 hours, and still can’t get rid of fatigue, consult a specialist and try to find what is bothering your body that much.

5. More Frequent than Normal Urination

If you get up once a night, it can be irritating, but not necessarily malicious. An entirely different situation can be where you have to walk to the bathroom more than three times per night. Experts believe that it can be a result of suppressed bladder. However, not necessarily those symptoms are cancerous.

It is worth to know that diabetes also affects increased urination. Therefore, if you are taking more and more toilet breaks, you always and continuously feel inexplicable thirst, go to the doctor.


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