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5 Activities To Help You Bond With Grandchildren

Kids rely heavily on their phones, tablets and computers for entertainment these days. This growing trend of technological entertainment may hinder the interaction you desire to have with your grandkids. Create technology-free time, when you and the kids can engage in fun activities that will help you enjoy each other’s company and connect. There are many recreational pastimes you can explore that are inexpensive, educational and memorable. Here are five fun activities that will help you bond with grandchildren.

Petting Zoo

Visit some furry friends at the petting zoo. Provide the kids with feed that is sold at the petting zoo, so they can interact with the animals. This will help introduce them to common farm animals and let them learn about how they should interact with these kinds of creatures. Most petting zoos will also have pony rides, which would be a thrilling experience for any child under the age of 5. For a cheaper option, take the grandkids to a lake – they can feed the ducks with any stale breadcrumbs you have in your house.

Spa Day

If you have an especially girly grandchild, treat her to a spa day. Many manicure and pedicure salons have mini-sized spa chairs, specifically for children. Do some research on a place that will offer this kid-friendly service, and make an appointment ahead of time. You can also create your own spa scene within your home by picking out your granddaughter’s favorite colors of nail polish and giving her a mani-pedi. For extra flair, pick up some nail rhinestones and stickers that she will enjoy.


Kids love games and puzzles, and they’re an engaging, problem-solving activity. Purchase a jigsaw puzzle that is a picture of their favorite animal, place or movie character. You can also find a free puzzle online that the two of you can complete together. Busy Teacher has an assortment of puzzles, which includes word scrambles, crosswords, word searches and double puzzles. These word puzzles are educational and fun – something the two of you can enjoy.


Get creative with your grandkids and embark on an artistic adventure. Set up a craft project the two of you can work on, and make sure it’s a craft that suits the personality and interests of your grandchild. For example, if your grandson or granddaughter loves boats and the ocean, purchase a DIY wooden sailboat kit. You can provide your grandchild with paints, glitter, stickers and any other craft items they can use for sailboat decorations. (Be sure to choose those craft items designed for children.)

If you have a sewing machine and your little granddaughter is interested in dolls, the two of you can make some clothing and accessories for the doll. Visit a fabric store together, and have your granddaughter pick out her favorite fabrics and buttons. She will love and cherish these personalized clothes the two of you made together.

Nature Walk

Pull the grandkids away from their screens and entice them with an outdoor scavenger hunt or nature walk. Provide a list of items they must find, so they can redeem their prize. Make a nature trail or park the setting, so you can educate them about the biological organisms while they hurriedly search. You can include snippets of information about the flowers that are native and intrusive to the area. A supplemental diagram of the pollination process will also make for interesting information, and there are many pre-made nature walk lists that you can print from Pinterest. The fresh air will be good for them and provide adequate exercise for their day. Main Image: nikon dad via Flickr

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