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4 Things Every Woman Deserves Over 50

You have completed at least 50 trips around the sun. While your friends and family may want to celebrate your birthdays with dinner at a fancy restaurant and plenty of wine and laughter, you can think about other ideas on how to honor your age. It’s time to break loose a bit! Consider these options.

A car you enjoy

Did you drove a beater held together with rubber bands and extra coats of paint in college? Did you and your husband go on a honeymoon in a cramped Datsun. Then did you chauffeur your kids around in a minivan with French fries under the seats and sippy cups in every cup holder. Now, it’s your time to shine behind the wheel. Reward yourself for making it to your beautiful years over 50 by buying that vehicle you have always wanted. How about something more sporty or more luxurious? Try browsing for wish fulfillment by checking out DriveTime website for different makes and models.

The credit you deserve

Give yourself credit and pass on a tradition. By the time you are over 50, you have probably cooked more meals than Emeril has prepared in his entire career. While most of your culinary creations are pretty darn tasty, there is probably one dish that is requested more frequently or is associated with special occasions. Write down the recipe for it and hand it down to your kids and grandkids. If you don’t have kiddos of your own, share it with the children of friends and neighbors. They’ll appreciated having it even more as years go by. Future Thanksgivings will be known for your green beans in sour cream sauce and birthday celebrations will not be the same without your chocolate roll with whipped cream.

A room of your own

For years, you helped to paint, decorate and clean your kids’ rooms, and your hubby may have had a man cave down in the basement. If there was a spare room in your house, it was probably devoted to grandparents and other guests. To celebrate a big birthday, claim a room and make it your own — and for goodness sake, don’t make it the kitchen, dining room or laundry room. Reclaim the guest room and paint it your favorit e colors. Hang posters or art work you love. Add comfy furniture, a desk, plants – whatever makes you feel good. Retreat to your sanctuary to read, think, write letters or watch movies— whatever your heart desires.

The freedom to shake things up

Do you feel that you are in a rut? Whether it’s the same old job, a tired hair style or a daily routine that has become too, well, routine, it’s now time to try some new things.

Now’s the time to get out of your comfort zone a bit. Start training for that 10K race you’ve always wanted to do. Book a vacation for you and your girlfriend. Go someplace new you have always wanted to visit. Try updating your makeup by having it done by a professional who can teach you how. Change your hair color. Try this hair color quiz from Marie Claire to suggest the color for your true personality. If your job, or your boss is driving you crazy, maybe it’s time o consider finding something that you’ll truly love.

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