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4 Simple Secrets to Creating Resolutions that Really Do Work

It’s that time of year again! New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and we all know what that means: fabulous parties, the countdown to midnight and those New Year’s resolutions.

So, rather than asking what your resolutions will be, here is a better question…

Would it be okay if 2016 was your best year yet?

Think about that for a moment. In all areas of your life: Health and wellness, financially, in love and relationships, and your work in the world. What would that look like for you?

Below are 4 Simple Secrets to Living Your Best Year Yet in 2017!

Secret #1 Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions

Simply put, resolutions don’t work. The numbers speak for themselves. Approximately 92% of those who make resolutions fail in keeping them. In fact a recent study shows that even if a person’s life depended upon keeping a resolution, only 8% would stay on track. Think about that. The statistics are stacked against you before you ever begin to dream your dreams for 2017.

So why is this? Within each of us resides a “thermostat” setting of those results we will allow in our lives. Like a governor, it regulates our actions so that we stay within a certain range of results long term. Left to our own will power, we will only be able to sustain new actions for a few days or weeks at best. The greater the change, the quicker “life” seems to get in the way. Ultimately we feel the “pull of the familiar” and find ourselves back in the comfort zone of old thinking patterns and habits.

The good news is that you have the power to change your thermostat setting!

Secret #2 Create a Blueprint for 2017

The first step in achieving long-term results is creating a vision of what you would love to create. Everything that has ever been created first began as a vision. It is said, “Without a vision, the people perish.” Actually, it is in the specificity of the vision where the power resides. If you were to build a home, the first step would be to create a vision and then a blueprint of the structure you would love. The very same process holds true for what you would like to achieve in 2017.

So what’s the difference between a goal for the New Year and a vision? Goals in and of themselves do not move people to take different actions. For example, you have a goal to lose weight or be healthy. That sounds good, until the next piece of chocolate cake comes by or the alarm rings on that frigid morning that you planned to walk.

First ask the question, “What would I love?” Next, the question is WHY. Ask yourself, why do I want to achieve this goal? When you ask that question, a picture will begin to form in your mind of what it looks and feels like when you have achieve your goal. That vision, along with the next “secrets,” has the power to move mountains and change your life.

Secret #3 Make a Decision

In the absence of making a clear decision to create your vision, your dream will remain merely a wish, a hope or a someday maybe. The fact is that dreams do not come true by luck or happenstance. Creating results requires deliberate thinking. Every successful person in any arena first made a decision to succeed. In saying yes to your dreams, you actually set the stage to welcome them into your life. Without a making a decision to move forward this year, chances are likely that you will be back here the same time next year wishing once again.

CAUTION: Navigating the Gap – The moment you decide to move forward toward your goals and vision, a gap is revealed. It is the gap of where you are and where you desire to be. The awareness of that gap awakens a part within that does not believe it is actually possible. This is the voice of the familiar. You know what this sounds like… it is the voice in your head that says you are too old, too fat or too far-gone. It may even come from someone else who says, “just be happy with where you are” or “who do you think you are anyway?” This gap is the place where your deepest fear and hidden barriers will be revealed and where the 98% of people fail.

The great news is that the results that you would love are just past those fears, barriers and the gap. So the question is, how do we navigate the gap?

Secret #4 Create Support Structures

Building anything is easier and way more fun when you have support. It could be a mentor, a coach or a “partner in believing.” These are the people who believe that all things are possible; who believe in you and your dreams. They’re the ones who have experience, there to guide you and walk with you every step of the way, cheering you on when times get tough. The fact is, having support is critical for success and achieving results. (Just ask the 8% who succeeded in staying on track with their resolutions.)

A support structure generates new ways of thinking, believing and taking actions that over time create habits for success. It is said that, “If it is possible at all, it is possible for all.” And this means for you too! By creating a vision, making a conscious decision to move forward, and surrounding yourself with a solid support structure, you will find yourself poised to live your dreams, a life that you LOVE living. What The Four Dames know for sure is that there is a dream that resides within you and that you really can make 2014 your best year yet. Here’s to YOU!

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