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4 Compelling Reasons Why Women over 50 Should Get Braces

If you hear the word braces, you would probably picture a child or a teenager with a ‘bracey smile’. As a woman, you might have even seen your own kids go through the ‘period of braces’. However, there is a good chance that you would have ignored your own dental care. If you have crooked teeth or you hide your smile due to uneven teeth, then it is time to turn to orthodontic treatment for adults.

If you are a woman over the age of 50, you can still get braces. In fact, you must if they are necessary. Here are 4 reasons why.

1. Orthodontic Treatments Promote Oral Health

Orthodontics doesn’t just improve the aesthetics, but they also help in increasing the proper function and maintenance of the teeth. Early orthodontic treatment helps in:

  • Improving Efficiency: When the teeth don’t fit together, or the bite isn’t proper, the chewing efficiency goes down. Correcting the crooked teeth will make eating much easier and efficient.
  • Less Decay: You can’t clean the crooked teeth properly, which means that they will be more prone to decay or damage that may require costly repairs.
  • Fix the Bite: The bite of the teeth deepens as we get old which can contribute to the wearing of the tooth. Once the enamel gets completely worn off, it won’t grow back. This may require restoration of teeth with crowns or veneers.
  • Prevent Shifting of Teeth: Teeth have a tendency to shift over time and when they do, it is critical to address it immediately to prevent serious problems down the line.
  • Limit Future Problems: It is always better to resolve an issue when it is a minor problem. By getting regular checkups and necessary treatment, you can avoid dental problems that may arise in the future.

2. Increase your Self-Esteem

Everyone wishes to have high self-esteem, regardless of the age. If you have spent a major portion of your life not smiling properly due to crooked or uneven teeth, then it is never too late to put an end to it. You can opt for different teeth straightening treatment options that are available to straighten those pearly whites and finally smile wide.

3. Wide Range of Available Treatment Options

Children or teenagers are generally treated with the standard metal braces to fix their teeth, but as an adult, you can enjoy a lot more options. Here are three types of braces that you can choose from:

  • Clear ceramic braces: They can be worn on the front of the teeth and are less noticeable, unlike the metal braces, as they easily blend
    in with the color of your teeth. The only negative feature of clear braces is that they break
  • Lingual braces: The lingual braces, also known as concealed braces, have brackets which are placed at the back of the teeth. This means that are hidden from the view.
  • Invisible: These customized braces, also called an aligner, are removable and clear. The two major advantages of using aligners are that a) they cannot be seen easily and b) you can remove them easily before eating and for cleaning the teeth.

4. More Affordable as an Adult

As an adult, there is a good chance that you may have taken medical and dental insurance cover. Due to this, it will be easier for you to afford braces. Moreover, numerous orthodontic facilities offer flexible payment options or insurance plans that allow you to get the necessary treatment on time.

Finally, orthodontic treatment will give you a beautiful and attractive smile that you will love to flaunt. Consult with your orthodontist regarding the different treatments available and which braces are best suited to fulfill your requirements.

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