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3 Ways to Prevent Eye Damage

We often don’t think about eye damage until it’s too late. Protecting your eyes every day is actually one of the easiest things you can do, and we’re not just talking eating lots of carrots. Taking basic precautions can go a long way in making sure your peepers stay in top condition for years to come. Below, find out why preventative measures are so important, and why good eye health is an every-day task.

1. Get Coated

An easy way to protect your eyesight every day is with anti-reflective and polarized lenses in both optical and sunglasses. Both of these coatings minimize glare, which might seem like a small thing. But, think about how often glare comes up in your life — when the sun hits the hood of your car (or someone else’s!) while driving, when the sun hits your computer screen at work, and when it bounces off windows and screens while at home or on the go. All of this blinding light reaching your eyes can take its toll over time. So, do yourself a favor and talk to your optometrist about AR-coated and polarized lenses at your next appointment. Preserving your eyesight for years to come means treating your eyes well every day, and this simple step can definitely go a long way.

2. Get Protected

Protective eyewear isn’t just for tough guys in industrial jobs. Some of the most common eye injuries can occur at home while doing household projects, cleaning, or playing sports — everyday activities we don’t usually consider harmful. But, simple home repairs can cause airborne particles of wood, dust, asbestos, or other material that can get stuck in your eye and cause damage or infection. Many household chemicals are extremely strong and can be damaging to the eyes if you use them for too long. As a general rule: if you need gloves to handle it, use eye protection, too! Even a friendly game of tennis or badminton can harm your eyes when a ball suddenly comes flying at your face.

The key here isn’t to be paranoid, but protected. It’s a good idea to have a pair of safety goggles on hand in your home for those moments when your eyes are most vulnerable. Safety goggles create a seal all around your eye, to protect your vision from particles or projectiles. Plus, the lenses are also made of polycarbonate plastic or another durable material that won’t break on impact. And, while you don’t necessarily need safety glasses for everything you do, remember: we often underestimate a potential problem until it’s too late. If in doubt, put those goggles on.

3. Get Tested

Many of us don’t go to the optometrist once a year like we should, but this is a big mistake. Many common eye problems, like glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration, don’t present symptoms until the disease is far along. Seeing your optometrist once a year for a comprehensive dilated eye exam is the only way to catch eye problems early, and ensure that you can take steps to improve or prevent these problems from progressing.

We know getting your eyes dilated can be kind of annoying. But, dilating the pupils is the only way your optometrist can fully see to the back of the eye and ensure that there’s nothing bad going on back there. The few hours of inconvenience is worthwhile compared to the loss of sight that could happen if a problem is left undiagnosed or untreated. Plus, your yearly exam will help you know if your prescription is still accurate. New prescription means a cool new pair of frames, which is always a plus in our books!

So, now that you know some of the basic ways to prevent eye damage, consider how you can incorporate these tips in your life. Whether it’s picking up a pair of safety goggles from the hardware store or finally scheduling that eye appointment, remember that a small investment — of both time and money — towards your eye health can help ensure you see clearly for years and years to come.

By: Liskula Cohen

Photo by jscreationzs.

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