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3 Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

Working for yourself and making money at home sounds attractive. It’s more possible now than ever before. In fact, a survey from Freelancer’s Union and Elance found that more than 53 million Americans work as freelancers. Here are a few ways to do it.

*Update 10/14/2016 – Another Idea – see #4 below

1. Become a Seller

Figuring out a way to make a little extra money on the side without it taking over your life is critical if you want to follow your dreams. Becoming a reseller is a great way to earn money, especially if you have an eye for collectibles or a rich knowledge of antiques. eBay is still a great place to sell collectibles and antiques that you find from your own collection or from a garage, estate or yard sale. Some thrift stores can be a gold mine for resellable items, but be sure you know what the current asking price is online before you buy. Thrift store owners can (and do) check prices on the Internet before putting items on the sales floor.

eBay has a great guide to help you get started as a seller on its blog.

2. Flex Your Creative Muscles

Selling family heirlooms or other antiques isn’t the only way to make a little extra cash on the side, especially if you have a unique artistic skill. Although a somewhat unconventional income stream, if you are a musician, photographer or videographer, you can create and sell stock music, photos or videos to sites like Shutterstock.com.

You can design and make jewelry to sell on eBay or elsewhere. Beads, findings and materials are all readily available on line.

Offering commission-based creative work as a photographer, graphic designer or painter can be a good way to bring in extra income when you need it, especially if you stick to a specific niche such as wedding photography. The bulk of such work can be done in a single day, and it can help you network and meet new contacts that can get you other jobs.

3. Start a Blog

Blogging makes for a great side gig because you can do it anywhere that has access to the Internet. It’s not always quick or simple to get started, but if you are passionate about a specific topic and can find your audience, then you can monetize your blog with advertising. If you don’t want ads on your blog, you can become a product Affiliate or sell your own goods and services through your blog. Try to find a niche not overly populated on the internet. It can take a while to build your audience, but it can pay off in the long run. Many bloggers chronicle their journey as they chase their dreams, and find others who can relate. You never know, you may even reach someone who can help you fulfill your dreams through one of your posts.

These are just three ideas to help you make some extra money. There are many more options out there. Write your additional ideas in the comments

4. Create An Online Business

Have you always wanted to sell online? Shopify.com makes it easy by helping you create an online store of your own. Their professional designers have created over 100 format themes to choose from. You can also customize them to create your own look using their Theme Settings Editor. It couldn’t be simpler, with a menu of information and help with running the store, a secure shopping cart, e-commerce hosting, marketing, and SEO.

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