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10 Favorite Romantic Comedy Movies to See Online

Which movies do you think have stood the test of time and which have not? This list is no particular order. Add your picks and thoughts  in the Comment box below.

Amazon Instant Video charge is $2.99 to view immediately streaming on your computer, but Amazon Prime lets you watch many of them free. The Preview trailers, which are all free, are very entertaining themselves. (Sadly, none of these films seem to be available on Netflix)

1. It’s Complicated  VIEW
Meryl Streep
Alec Baldwin
Steve MartinTwo attractive men vie for the affections of a woman with a flourishing catering business.  One is and attractive architect and the other her ex-husband (now married to a younger woman).  Juicy comedy. Nancy Myers wrote and directed it (She also wrote Somethin’s Gotta Give)
2. When Harry Met Sally  VIEW
Meg Ryan
Billy CrystalAll time great line “I’ll have what’s she’s having!”  The rest of the movie the cute story of ups and downs in a romantic relationship.
3. Annie Hall  VIEW
Diane Keaton
Woody AllenA neurotic New York comedian (of course!) falls for cute and ditsy, naive Annie Hall. She set off a whole fashion trend with those clothes.
4. Sleepless in Seattle  VIEW
Meg Ryan
Tom HanksWho could not love the charming little boy who want to find a woman for his widower dad. He finds a women in New York and he’s in Seattle. Can they overcome the distance. The crucial meeting is to take place on top of the Empire State Building, of course.
5. Pretty Woman  VIEW
Julia Roberts
Richard GereA totally politically incorrect fantasy, but so funny as a ridiculous Cinderella story.
6. Something’s Gotta Give  VIEW
Diane Keaton
Jack NicholsonA perennial playboy who has never dated a woman over thirty finds that love is as serious as a heart attack when he falls for his girlfriend’s mother. Too bad she’s now dating his young doctor! (Note: this movie is suddenly not streaming on Amazon or on Netflix right now. If you see it change, let us know)
7. You’ve Got Mail  VIEW
Meg Ryan
Tom HanksShe has a little bookstore and he has the rival huge bookstore company. Unwittingly they become email pals. Will their true identities destroy their attraction.
8. The Graduate  VIEW
Dustin Hoffman
Anne Bancroft
Katherine RossNominated for seven Academy Awards, winner for Best Director Mike Nichols, this social satire launched the career Dustin Hoffman. It has the rebellious spirit of the ’60s and a haunting score sung Simon and Garfunkel. And Oh that Mrs. Robinson!
9. The Philadelphia Story  VIEW
Katherine Hepburn
Cary Grant
Jimmy StewartA snotty, society woman is about to remarry when her charming bad boy first husband shows up with his reporter pal.
10. Four Weddings and a Funeral  VIEW
Hugh Grant
Andie MacDowellThe reserved Englishman notices the attractive American woman but is too inhibited for them to connect. Then they meet again and again in the midst of an assortment of English eccentrics.



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  • Dianne Morris

    Dianne Morris

    Bridges of Madison County with Meryl Streep as an Italian war bride living on a farm in Iowa. Never read the book, but the movie was wonderful and worth seeing Streep carry off the role. (I guess it doesn’t fit RomCom category but it was romantic) Also since Halloween is around the corner–Dracula with Frank Langella. Edward Gorey designed the sets. Bite me in the neck!!
    by PHOEBE, MN

    Good point. A little empowerment too!

    How about Dirty Dancing? Remember “nobody puts baby in the corner.”

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