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10 Easy Steps – Stay Healthy & Happy After 50

Age is just a number, right? So don’t let your age deter you from involving yourself in new challenges. Follow these steps to make aging both a healthy and enjoyable process.

1. Saying ‘I Do’ Make Your Commitment Public

Maybe you’ve tried to get into better shape, but fallen off the bandwagon before you’ve reached your goal (haven’t we all?!). Go public with your commitment – you could even make it ‘Facebook official’ and rally support from your social media following. Tell your friends about your mission and it will give you extra motivation to reach your target.

2. Set A Date

It’s important not to over exert yourself when trying to stay fit. Choose a certain number of days each week when you will make an effort to do more than usual, and save the other days for spoiling yourself. We’re all human, and all need a treat now and then.

3. Walking Does Wonders

Getting fit doesn’t necessarily mean you have to vigorously exercise each day. Choose a method that feels more natural to your body. Ditch the car if possible, throw on a pair of comfy shoes, and stroll along those sidewalks.

4. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Mix up your routine with some fun, new activities and get your friends to join in too. From salsa dancing to Pilates, or book clubs to photography sessions – you’re sure to find something nearby to suit your tastes. Just have a look at local noticeboards or online forums. It might be right under your nose!

5. Siesta Time

If you’re doing a little more than usual, good for you! You might find that the active aging process is leaving you a little more tired than usual; so take an afternoon nap. It’ll keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Naps are also thought to reduce stress and help you live longer – who can argue with that?

6. Balance And Burn

Aim to balance the number of calories you eat with the calories you burn off in order to achieve (or maintain) your goal weight. There are Apps available to help you track what you’re eating. Try to add a variety of fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and grains to your diet, and minimize saturated fat wherever you can. You’ll be surprised at the benefits, from glowing skin, to reduced chances of heart disease.

7. Stay In The Loop

If you’re noticing that friends and family are moving away, how about finding new ways to keep in touch? Find a social network that suits you, or a video chat App that will ensure that you don’t lose touch with those who mean the most.

8. Wave Goodbye To Worry

Try to reduce stress in your life as much as possible. Talk to those close to you about any issues you have, and you’ll feel so much better for it. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. Or, try yoga or meditation, which help you unwind and feel more at ease about your worries.

9. Cheers To The New You!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two, and you deserve it; but be careful to drink in moderation. Moderate drinkers have a lower chance of getting heart disease, while too much can increase your blood pressure. Try to find a balance, and remember that you deserve a glass of wine every now and again!

10. No Alarm Clock, No Problem

Sleep is thought to reduce your chances of getting many health disorders in later life. Treat yourself to a long nap now and then, and work on getting the perfect night’s sleep as often as possible. It will give you extra energy to burn during the day too. Sweet dreams!

So, what’s it to be? Refreshing your diet? A new activity? Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make you smile and forget about age.


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